Ravaglioli Wheel Aligner Wireless RAVTD5080WS

  • Brand: Ravaglioli
  • Product Code: RAVTD5080WS
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • 5,200,000AMD
Wireless Total Drive Wheel Aligner
All the characteristic angles of both vehicle axles are controlled by means of
four measuring heads with 8 CCD sensors and infra-red transmission
It is possible to measure wheel run out by moving the
vehicle by only 30° (quick compensation in a little space)
Data managment and display program in windows environment
Data bank with more than 90000 vehicle data sheets
Customer data bank for recording 20000 jobs
1 x Control unit with PC, 19” monitor, key-board, printer and battery-charger
2 x Front measuring heads
2 x Rear measuring heads
4 x STDA33EU four point clamps
2 x S110A7 turn tables
1 x Brake pedal depressor
1 x Steering wheel lock
Made in Italy